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The  Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission (OCMC) will consider two proposals to amend the Ohio Constitution to extend term limits for Ohio legislators.  The Legislative Branch and Executive Branch Committee recommended these proposals to the full commission.  Both proposals would extend terms limits in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate to twelve years instead of eight.  One proposal applies to current members of the General Assembly, the other only to members elected after the effective date of the constitutional amendment.  The OCMC will decide whether to recommend this constitutional amendment to the General Assembly.  The General Assembly must pass the initiative by a 3/5 vote in order to get it on the ballot.

The Eight is Enough Ohio PAC, formed by current and former legislators and others, was formed to fight any lengthened term limits in Ohio.   In a recent news conference, term limit opponents suggested proposing their own constitutional amendments to shorten legislative terms, or to disallow legislators from serving the maximum term in one chamber, then serving the maximum in the other.  Currently, a legislator may serve eight years in the House plus eight years in the Senate.  The proposed constitutional amendment would allow twelve years in the House plus twelve years in the Senate.  See Cleveland.com, Political action group formed to fight any attempt to change Ohio’s legislative term limits



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