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The Ohio Supreme Court heard oral arguments today to determine whether inclusion of a prison privatization measure in state budget legislation violates the Ohio Constitution’s one subject rule.  The case is  State ex rel. Ohio Civil Service Employees Association  v. State , Ohio Supreme Court case no. 2014-0319.   (Docket, Oral Argument Preview).  Also at issue is whether the Court of Appeals could order the trial court to conduct an evidentiary hearing to review each of the budget bill’s provisions to determine whether the bill violates the one-subject rule and to sever any parts.  Defendant-Appellant State of Ohio asserts that this order by the Court of Appeals results in  “judicial line item vetoes”, in violation of the Ohio Constitution.

The plaintiffs-appellees in this case are the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association, liberal group ProgressOhio and individuals.  They filed a cross-appeal contending that the prison privitization provisions in the budget bill violate Ohio Constitution, Article VIII, Section 4, which prohibits joint ventures between the State and any company.

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