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Take a look at OCMC Quarterly for February, 2015 – the first edition of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission’s quarterly newsletter.¬† The newsletter has information about:

  • The three newest OCMC members.
  • Judicial Branch and Justice Committee’s recommendations to repeal as obsolete and/or unused two provisions: courts of conciliation and committee to relieve the Ohio Supreme Court of an overburdened docket.
  • Bill of Rights and Voting Committee recommendations of no change on three provisions¬† – Article I, Section 2 (Right to Alter, Reform or Abolish Government); Article I, Section 3 (Right to Assemble); and Article I, Section 4(Bearing Arms; Standing Armies; Military Power).
  • The role of the Commission in getting a General Assembly ballot initiative passed to reform redistricting. 130th General Assembly,¬† HJR 12.
  • Other Commission outreach and activities.

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