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Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis filed their proposal for marijuana legalization with the Attorney General on February 17, 2015.  They propose to amend the Ohio Constitution to:

  • Allow adults over 18 to possess up to 99 plants and 99 kilograms of marijuana for personal use, without a commercial license.
  • Prohibit testing for cannabis metabolites as a requirement for employment, insurance, licenses and from being considered impaired/intoxicated.  A person must display impaired behavior to be considered under the influence of cannabis.
  • Release marijuana offenders from prison if their actions are no longer illegal under the amended Constitution.  Expunge records and grant amnesty to marijuana offenders.

Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis  is not the same group as ResponsibleOhio.  The ballot initiatives presented by each group are very different.  ResponsibleOhio wants to limit growing sites to 10 areas designated in the Ohio Constitution, which sites are promised to campaign investors.  ResponsibleOhio’s plan permits individuals 21 and over to grow four plants, upon obtaining a license.

ResponsibleOhio’s ballot language, as submitted to the Ohio Attorney General did not contain the personal growing allowance.  The group plans to add this language and file again.  The Attorney General ended up rejecting ResponsibleOhio’s submitted initiative petition summary as inadequate.   See WTAM article.

For a summary of marijuana proposals, see Cleveland.com, Current Status of Ohio’s Marijuana Legalization Proposals.

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