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OCN Is Back

After a period of hiatus, Ohio Constitution News (OCN) is back, and new items will be posted periodically.


Ohio Constitution News is a blog that tracks developments relating to the Ohio Constitution, including Ohio Supreme Court cases, ballot initiatives, state legislation, lectures, and seminars. The blog also reports on new material added to the Ohio Constitutional Law and History website. Developed by Dean Emeritus/Professor Emeritus Steven H. Steinglass and maintained by the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library, OCN and the website are not affiliated with the Ohio Supreme Court or with the State of Ohio.


During the period OCN was down, the website added a number of new items, including (1) the updating and improvement of the Table of Proposed Amendments and the statistical tables; (2) summaries of the Ohio Supreme Court’s leading state constitutional law decisions since 2018; and (3) the posting of selected Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission research and other documents that were not included in the final reports of the OCMC and that had not been widely made available.


How to Sign Up

Those who want to keep abreast of developments concerning the Ohio Constitution can follow Ohio Constitution News without any cost by subscribing through email or by signing up on Twitter. Both options are available on the right side of the following linked OCN entry.


Ohio Constitution News (OCN)


In addition to subscribing to Ohio Constitution News, interested persons can use the Ohio Constitution Law and History website for research on the Ohio Constitution and its history. You can google “Ohio Constitution: Law and History Webpage” or use the following link:


Ohio Constitutional Law and History


Feel free to contact Professor Steinglass if you have any questions or suggestions about OCN or the website.


Steven H. Steinglass
Dean Emeritus & Professor Emeritus
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Cleveland State University
(216) 469-6619 (cell)


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