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The Ohio Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the lower court finding that liberal group ProgressOhio lacked standing to challenge JobsOhio legislation. ProgressOhio.org, Inc. v. JobsOhio, 2014 Ohio 2382,    The court interpreted Ohio Constitution Article IV, Section 4(B) which concerns the jurisdiction of the common pleas court.  The court further found that the provisions of the JobsOhio statute allow for others to file suit raising challenges under the Ohio Constitution, so ProgressOhio is not the last line of defense against JobsOhio .

Thus, the court did not reach ProgressOhio’s claims that ORC 187 creating the JobsOhio Corporation, violates various provisions of the Ohio Constitution, including separation of powers, open courts, Article 13 Section 1 & 2 (regarding corporate powers), debt limit provision, and Section 22, Article II (appropriations by legislature).

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