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The ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of Preterm-Cleveland, Inc., asserting that the abortion amendments added to Ohio’s budget bill, H.B. 59,  violate the one subject rule.  see Canton Repository article .

One of the amendments in question bans public hospitals from making transfer agreements with abortion clinics. Another requires clinics to follow a government script when dealing with patients and to present those patients with evidence of a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion or face criminal charges. A third amendment creates a new state “parenting and pregnancy” program that siphons state money directly into private organizations that are forbidden from mentioning abortion services.

ACLU Announces Lawsuit Challenging Three Ohio Budget Amendments Restricting Reproductive Rights,  ACLU web site 

The case is Preterm-Cleveland, Inc. v. Kasich, Cuyahoga Common Pleas Docket Number CV-13-815214.


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