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The Ohio Attorney General certified an initiated statute, which would allow for expungement of marijuana offenses, if  marijuana becomes legal.  See ResponsibleOhio to begin collecting signatures for plan to expunge pot offenses.  The initiated statute also provides that if offenders are still subject to sanctions, such as prison, fines, or community control, the offender can petition the court for relief from those sanctions.  The proposed statute would:

“Provide requirements on persons, including consumer reporting agencies, that have acquired records of conviction or adjudication as a delinquent child, to obtain updates of expungements of the same and to delete records of convictions and adjudications that have been expunged.

Provide that a person may not be questioned in any application for employment, license or other right or privilege, a11y appearance as a witness, or any other inquiry, with respect to any conviction or adjudication that has been expunged under this section.”

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