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A third marijuana legalization amendment, called the Cannabis Control Amendment was filed with the Ohio Attorney General by Ohioans to End Prohibition.  This third proposal differs from Legalize Marijuana and Hemp in Ohio Initiative Petition (Better for Ohio) and Marijuana Legalization Amendment (ResponsibleOhio) because it does not limit grow-sites to certain named individuals.  Under the Cannabis Control Amendment, the State of Ohio may issue licenses for large growers.  Individuals over 21 may harvest up to six plants for noncommercial use.  The Ohio Attorney General rejected this proposed amendment because the summary was not a fair and truthful statement of the proposed amendment.

Other highlights of the Cannabis Control Amendment include:

  • Ohio farmers can grow industrial hemp.
  • Employers are prohibited from terminating a medical marijuana patient for testing positive for marijuana use, although the employee may not use marijuana during work hours unless the employer agrees.
  • Localities may ban commercial marijuana entities.

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