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The Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission voted to recommend repealing two sections of the Ohio Constitution which are no longer used:

  • Article IV, Section 19 – Courts of Conciliation  (It has never been used and is not needed as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.)
  • Article IV, Section 22Allows the governor to create a commission that would take on the Ohio Supreme Court’s backlog of cases.  (The section has not been used since 1885 and is not needed.)

This recommendation will be given to the General Assembly.  Then the General Assembly has to follow its normal procedure to initiate a proposed constitutional amendment.  A Joint Resolution must be passed by 3/5 of the members of both the House and Senate to get the issue on the ballot.

See  Hannah Report, OCMC Eyes ‘Increased Momentum’ with Amstutz, Approves Constitutional Repeals, April 9, 2015.

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