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Rep. Huffman recently introduced new plans for redistricting reform, set out in HJR 11 and HJR 12. See New Ohio Redistricting Idea Proposed with Only Weeks Left in the Legislative Session.  Democrats have their own proposal, based on SJR 1, an earlier redistricting proposal.

Under the Democratic proposal, there would be no consideration given to previous district lines. It would restore the protection of political subdivisions from largest to smallest; add language prohibiting the favoring of a political party; restore the ability to referendum district plans; and create one panel to draw both the state and congressional lines.

The proposal would also replace the impasse resolution with a new panel chosen at the beginning of the process. That panel would include four members chosen by the leaders of the four legislative caucuses, with those four choosing a fifth member. Should the redistricting panel come to an impasse, the new panel would step in and draw the lines.

Hannah News, House Dems Counter with Own Redistricting Proposal, 11/18/2014.

According to Cleveland.com, Secretary of State Jon Husted says redistricting reform must be bipartisan, Senate republicans plan to use SJR1 and add an impasse mechanism, such as the one proposed in Rep. Huffman’s plan, and vote on this after Thanksgiving.  They will have to move quickly before the legislative session ends in December.  As far as Congresssional redistricting, a layer of complication arises due to redistricting cases pending in the U.S. Supreme Court, Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission , Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama and Alabama Democratic Conference v. AlabamaSee Hannah News, Faber Aims to Finish by Dec. 11, Looks at Likely Issues Following Thanksgiving Break.

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