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In light of the recent Ohio Supreme Court case, ProgressOhio.org, Inc. v. JobsOhio, 2014 Ohio 2382, which held that liberal group ProgressOhio lacked standing to challenge JobsOhio legislation, the Ohio House proposed legislation to grant standing to challenge the constitutionality of an Ohio statute.  House Bill 590

“wouldn’t allow the JobsOhio ruling to be reversed. But it would permit¬†almost anyone in the future to challenge the constitutionality of an Ohio statute, so long as:

  • The challenger can “effectively assist” the court in determining the constitutionality of the law.
  • It regards an issue of “significant public importance and interest.”
  • It’s unlikely that the law could be contested in another way.”

See Plain Dealer article, Democrats seek to make it easier to challenge Ohio laws in court

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