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The following meetings will take place on Thursday, February 13, 2014:


Ohio Constitutional Modernization CommissionStatehouse Room 313

  • Presentation by Dr. John Dinan, Professor of Political Science at Wake Forest University discussing:
    • the nature and role of state constitutions
    • comparison of the function of state and federal constitutions
    • the historic debate over the including of policy amendments in state constitutions
    • the issues that other states are addressing as they amend and revise their constitutions
    • the range of approaches of other states to such common issues as the constitutional amendment/revision process, redistricting, the legislature, the judiciary, and rights-related provisions

    Finance, Taxation & Economic Development Committee; Education, Public Institutions, & Miscellaneous and Local Government; Judicial Branch and the Administration of JusticeThe Committees will be participating in the full Commission meeting scheduled at 9am to listen to the presentation given by Dr. John Dinan

12:20 pm

Bill of Rights & Voting  Presentation by Dr. John Dinan, Professor of Political Science from Wake Forest University – Statehouse Room 311

Constitutional Revisions & Updating Committee – Statehouse Room 115

Legislative Branch and Executive Branch CommitteeStatehouse Room 114

3:00 p.m.

Coordinating Committee- Statehouse Room 115

Organization and Administration Committee Statehouse Room 116

Liaisons with Public Offices Committee, Public Education and Information Standing CommitteeStatehouse Room 114

(Note that the writer of this blog is not affiliated with the Commission. If you have questions about the meeting, please see the Commission’s web site – http://www.ocmc.ohio.gov/ocmc/home)

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