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On April 10, 2013, the Ohio Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in State v. Boykin, Case nos. 2012-0808 and 2012-1216.    The issue is:  When the governor grants an unconditional pardon of an offender’s criminal convictions, does that action entitle the offender to have the court records of his or her pardoned convictions sealed?  Appellant’s brief  argues:

“The trial courts’ analysis invaded the governor’s exclusive constitutional authority to grant pardons pursuant to Section 11, Article III, of the Ohio Constitution. The governor determined that Appellant Boykin had been rehabilitated and deserved a pardon of her convictions. (Appx. 33.) To allow a trial court to reexamine this decision through the sealing process is improper and unconstitutional.   This Court should hold that once the governor has issued a pardon, the trial court should automatically seal that pardoned conviction.”

Docket.   Oral Argument Preview.

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