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Cannabis_Clones_in_BoxThe Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis filed an initiative petition with the Ohio Attorney General, entitled The End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012.  The Attorney General rejected the petition because it did not contain a fair and truthful summary of the proposed amendments.  The summary did not mention several parts of the proposed amendment.   For example, the summary omits the proposed amendment’s  rejection of all Federal law in conflict with the amendment.   Additionally, the summary states that the medical harms and benefits of cannabis will be a classroom subject, but this is not included in the amendment itself.

This latest petition joins numerous other efforts to legalize  medical and/or industrial marijuana in Ohio.  For a brief discussion of other proposed amendments, see our prior post.   This latest proposal goes beyond those previously proposed, and would allow for adult use of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana for personal use and commercial growing subject to licensing, regulation and taxation.

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